Attention to customer satisfaction surveys!

Does your company apply customer satisfaction surveys annually to your customers? How to measure the level of satisfaction of your customers without obtaining recent data?

Customers are more comfortable responding to information to a search service provider than to their vendor directly. With a lot of professionalism and technique, Hotmarketing works with satisfaction surveys without disturbing the client, bringing very important information for making future strategy decisions and for actions that should be considered in the short term in the company.

Satisfaction surveys bring investments optimization, activities and people corrections, and avoids waste of time and resources. In addition, it is an important attribute for renewal of ISO9001 quality certification. Talk to us and ask for a free quote!

American market Study for Brazilian Specialty Coffees held in December 2016

Hotmarketing has developed a complete study of the US market for Brazil’s specialty coffee sector by visiting seven US cities, photographing and analyzing competing products on gondolas, a POP category management study, and developing a rich database of potential importers of the industrialized product.

The study of competition in certain target markets is extremely important so that your business can be analyzed, reviewed and well-targeted for success.

Contact us and request a free quote for the development of a market study!

São Paulo receives Indian companies at Frei Caneca

The India Decor & Fashion Event at Frei Caneca in São Paulo brought together the fashion, clothing, costume and decoration sectors held in March 2018.The next edition of the event will be announced soon for the month of March 2019.

Brazilian importers from these sectors will have the opportunity to meet new suppliers from India of high quality in just two days of event in São Paulo. Products range from various handicraft raw materials, bringing finished products such as blouses, trousers, shawls, necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, purses, wallets, decorative objects such as candles, lamps, decorations, gifts, sculptures, frames, among many others.